“Video games are my relaxation hobby” I whisper to myself through gritted teeth as I replay the same gameplay sequence for the 30th straight time with a deranged and obsessive tenacity towards reaching full completion

klc-journei: Please tell me where that scene is in Thief (the one with the "This is why I don't do rescues") I MUST SEE THAT

ah that little episode happens near the end of vittori’s third client job where he asks garrett to rescue someone for him (amazing, really)


Beautifully designed worlds by artist Seungjin Woo.



the bigger ur eyebrows the bigger ur heart

"He thinks a lot more than he says and knows a lot more than he lets on. When he speaks to himself he’s often more insightful and poetic than when he’s addressing others"

Artist: UnknownLykke Li
Title: UnknownGunshot
Album: UnknownI Never Learn


Lykke Li | Gunshot


Escorting someone in any video game is truly a frustration.


additionally, I CANNOT GET OVER Steve’s fucking Sadness Errands that he keeps running around DC, like, his schedule literally goes

6 AM: jogging

7:15: unburden soul to total stranger, lacking better options

3 PM: visit own museum exhibit to stare at the Dead Best Friend Wall

4:30: attempt meaningful human connection with sole surviving contemporary; fail due to Alzheimer’s

6 PM: dinner for one

7 PM: contemplate own loneliness, probably