Artist: UnknownElektrik People
Title: UnknownPainted Gold
Album: UnknownThe Lost Get Loud

Painted Gold | Elektrik People

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Anonymous: I just want to apologize for homowalsh's rudeness. You are talented and work very hard on what you're passionate about and don't deserve disrespect like that. There's constructive criticism and then plain attacking without explanation.

There’s no need, it’s quite alright but I do appreciate your message more than you know image

I’m open to criticism anytime and i’m willing to discuss anything that bothers people about what I do though I’d prefer to do so civilly.


can I just say that I am so happy Cole seems to hang out in Skyhold’s tavern.

he isn’t in the dungeon, he isn’t lurking under the stairs, he’s not in the corner of some quiet room which is in a state of disrepair, he’s not creeping in the basement

think about the poor lost kid he used to be like, living in the dark bowels of the White Spire, alone, never going outside, reacting to people like a wary animal, afraid

now he spends his time in the warmth and clamour of a populated tavern. yeah he’s quietly in the background, people-watching, but he’s there, there with people and noise and merriment and singing and light


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The thing is that it’s so easy to accidentally lighten somebody’s skintone along with some gradient layer set to a particular mode… one tiny mistake with a filter. Some people here truly don’t know what they’re talking about when they accuse others of “whitewashing”.

Star Wars and everyday life - a series of photographs by Toronto-based photographer Thomas Dagg [x]

you literally just defined whitewashing, yes. lmao racist ass like legit the way you responded to this is so extra like…

"Racist ass" okay

Look, I was politely going to tell you that I know and can respect where you’re coming from because for the record I am, personally, a good 100% against the so-called ‘whitewashing’ phenomenon and understand how harmful it is when that’s really what it is however there will often be these certain people like you who will go as far as harass artists for it even in cases when it was nothing more than an unfortunate filter slip-up in photoshop. 

"In a true oral folk tale, no one actually ever says I love you… Instead, they give them food. To feed someone is to express that very basic love. To this day, people help each other take bits of wedding cake. The anti-mother is not the one who would feed you, she is the one who would eat you."

From my Coursera course, ‘Fantasy and Science Fiction: The human mind, our modern world.’ (via curiosityxshop)